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How do I place an ad?

Placing an ad on a Lovecity site is really easy.  Simply click on any JOIN link you see on the menu bar.   The menu bar looks something like this:

Home | Help Center | Join | Photos | Check Mail | Search | Edit Ad

When you click on the JOIN link, you will be given a form to fill out that asks you some questions about yourself.  When you complete the form, you will be given a member number and password for Lovecity.  You will be given the opportunity to upgrade your listing after that.   That's it!

We do have some rules about ads.  We do not allow you to put any offensive material in your ad.  You also are not allowed to put email addresses or web links in your ad.   Your ad may never be shown if you break the rules.

Helpful Tips on Creating ads.

  • If you can, always put a photo in your ad!  Ads with photos are far more likely to get responses that those without photos.  Click Here to learn more about putting a photo in your ad.

  • Put interesting things in your ad.  People aren't interested in one sentence messages.  Be specific and tell our users a little about yourself.  Don't be shy!

  • Be honest!


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