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Learn more about searching the ads

First, you need to search ads on the Lovecity site.  Simply click on any SEARCH link you see on the menu bar.   The menu bar looks something like this:

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Once you have clicked the SEARCH link on a Lovecity site, you will be shown a page with 2 forms.  The top form is used to type in a specific member number and pull up one ad only.  The bottom form is for you to be able to browse the ads by supplying us with some search criteria.  You can choose the following criteria:

  • Select State or Country  -  This option allows you to narrow your search to a specific geographical location.

  • Select Age Group  -  This option allows you to narrow your search to a specific age group.

  • Select Sex  -  Narrow your search to a specific gender.

  • City or leave blank - You can specify a specific city you are looking for.  This may narrow your search too much.  To begin with, you will want to leave this field blank. 

After you have selected the above criteria, you can simply click on the VIEW ADS button at the bottom of the form.  The ads will be shown newest to oldest.   There may be more than one page of ads.  If so, there will be a NEXT PAGE button at the bottom of the listings.

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