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Dating Index: Best and Worst Dating Cities for Singles

Singles rank 20 key markets on ease of getting dates, number of places to go out on dates, and other factors.

Based on regionalized surveys in 20 key markets, a recently released "Dating Index" measures where a single person is most likely to have a good or bad date. Respondents were asked to give their city a "Dating GPA," based on things like ease of getting dates within the region, number of places to go out on dates, and so on. The individual grades were tallied with answers to a number of other dating-related questions. The cities were then ranked in the  survey's "Dating Index" for Love@AOL

Some notable changes in the rankings this year: It appears that "Sex and the City" attitudes are on the wane in the Big Apple, with New York taking a turn from a "Best Dating City" in 2005 to a "Worst Dating City" on this year's list. And the frequently potent combination of politics and passion seems to have lost steam in the nation's capital, with Washington D.C. going from a top ten "Best" ranking in 2005 to achieving the dubious honor of being the #1 "Worst City For Dating" in 2006.

On the flipside, when it comes to keeping the flame alive year-over-year, Atlanta continues to earn its "Hotlanta" nickname, holding its position as the No. 1 "Best Dating City" for the second year in the row. Los Angeles also holds steady, keeping its second place ranking for the second year.

Here are the complete lists:

The Worst Dating Cities for Singles:

1. Washington, D.C.
2. Minneapolis/St. Paul
3. Phoenix
4. Miami
5. Tampa
6. Cleveland
7. Sacramento
8. New York City
9. Chicago
10. Seattle

The Best Dating Cities for Singles:

1. Atlanta
2. Los Angeles
3. Houston
4. Detroit
5. Dallas/Ft. Worth
6. Orlando
7. Philadelphia
8. San Francisco
9. Denver
10. Boston

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