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About Lovecity! was started by J.P. Enterprises, Inc. in June of 1996.   Lovecity has grown into one of the largest dating sites on the internet over the years.  Currently, boasts over 40,000 personal ads on its site!

Until recently, was the only site using the Lovecity personals database.   Yet, J.P. enterprises decided to let other webmasters add a personals section to their sites using the Lovecity database.  Now, Lovecity Personals can be accessed through sites around the world.  The database continues to grow as more and more sites use Lovecity powered personals!

Sites using Lovecity Personals are called Lovecity Partner Sites.  Lovecity Partner Sites can customize the look of their personals section!  They also make a percentage of sales.  To learn more about the Lovecity Partnership Program, click here.

All ads can be seen from any Lovecity Partner Site and all partner sites have the full power of Lovecity.  This means a user can do the same things from any partner site.   Once a user signs up through a partner site, they can access their account through any other partner site.

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