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Quick Note: Your computer's IP address is logged during any transaction, for future reference.  Credit Card fraud is taken very seriously.  NO INFORMATION is ever given out! strictly protects our user's privacy!

I Believe I was Charged by Accident!

  Please note, once in a while we will have a person pay with their credit card, use the site for a period of time, and then claim that they have never heard of Lovecity.   This is fraud.  Computer IP addresses are logged and will be used to fight this kind of fraud.  We go to great lengths to prevent credit card fraud and can use this logging to help law enforcement officials find someone that has stolen your card.   Yet, sadly, it can also be used against the small percentage of people who use their credit cards online for services, then later claim they did not - after they received the services.  Most of our users are honest people, yet a small percentage try these things, to no avail. 

  For those who have had their card charged for services they did not order, we apologize.  Please send us detailed information so we can help you ASAP!  Please click here to send us an email about the problem.