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How do view my ad?

You can view your ad on a Lovecity site.  Simply click on any SEARCH link you see on the menu bar.   The menu bar looks something like this:

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When you click the SEARCH link on any Lovecity site, you will see 2 search forms.  The top search form allows you to enter a specific user number and see that ad.  The bottom form is to search other ads.  Type in your member number into the top form.  It should pull up your ad.

All ads can be viewed this way if you know the member number.  Keep in mind that some ads will not show up in the regular listings.  Unpaid ads are backlogged.   If your ad does not pass our safety system, it must be checked by an actual person.   Because of the large number of ads we receive, this may take a while.  Please be patient.  Paid ads are activated immediately.


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