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How do I send you my photo by email?

First of all, you need to have a photo on your computer that has been scanned.  If you do not have a scanned photo and have no means to get one, we can do it for you.  You will need to go to the send by regular mail help area.

If you have your photo scanned, it doesn't take much to send it to us.  Try to make sure your photos are in .jpg or .gif format.  Please use good judgement when sending us photos.  Very large photos (over 50k) will take longer to put up because we will need to resize them to better fit the way the site lays out.  Offensive photos, of course, will not be put on the site.

To send us your photo, you will need to send us an email and use the ATTACHMENT feature of your email program.  If you do not know how your email program can attach photos, please see the documentation that came with it.  Simply send an email to and ATTACH your photo to the email.  Make sure to include your member number and password in the email so we know who you are!


If this page did not answer your question,  please click here to send us an email.