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How do send someone a message?

First, you need to search ads on a Lovecity site.  Simply click on any SEARCH link you see on the menu bar.   The menu bar looks something like this:

Home | Help Center | Join | Photos | Check Mail | Search | Edit Ad

Once you browse the ads, you will see links under each ad saying:

Click Here to Send this Member a Message

When you find the person you would like to write to, simply click on the link that looks like the one above.  It will take you to a form where you can write that person a message.  Only paying members can write messages.  After you send the message, it is stored in our messages database.  The other person will receive a notification that they have a message waiting for them.  You will also receive a copy of the message you sent via email.  The person that you sent the message to will be able to pick up their message on Lovecity. 

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